Next-Gen Farming

This morning I spent a few hours on my parents farm helping mom out with the horses and tomorrow I will do the same since dad is in the States looking to bring home another four-legged member of the equine family.

The timing is as perfect as it is funny considering these two days take place between my two busiest weekends of the year, following the releases of Sony’s PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One.

Normally, I’d be too busy reviewing launch titles but Xbox Canada and their PR firm have been unable to provide our site ( with early access to the hardware and games for us to review. So, it works out that I can go to the farm these mornings and get some fresh air before the snow starts falling heavily.

Meanwhile, this is happening in Toronto:

Giant Xbox One Toronto RYSE Son of Rome Soldiers

Roman Soldiers Burst From Xbox One

Written by Rob Keyes