Finally Watched ‘Thor: The Dark World’

The problem with big Marvel movies is that they always open a full week (or more) earlier overseas. Spoilers, reviews and pirated copies are everywhere thanks to the UK and Russian theatrical releases and it’s still not in theaters here!

I was lucky enough to attend one of Canada’s local screenings last night in Waterloo and I chose to go to this one rather than seeing it even earlier last week in Toronto because driving there and parking is a nightmare and not worth it.

I can’t talk about the movie yet but I can talk about what came before it – trailers for RoboCop (which was actually good) and an extended look at Captain America: The Winter Soldier. The first Cap 2 trailer released a few weeks ago and blew everyone away. Fans could finally get a sense of what I was boasting about at Comic-Con.

Attached to most screenings of Thor: The Dark World this weekend, moviegoers will finally get a chance to see what we saw at Comic-Con this summer, including the infamous elevator fight sequence and a few more major teasing shots. Go see it. And stay after the credits because there are two (yes, 2!) scenes during and after.

As for Thor 2, stay tuned for my thoughts this weekend!

Written by Rob Keyes

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