Tim Hortons Coffee Conundrum

Tim Hortons Coffee Conundrum

Before quitting the “day job” routine to work full-time on Game Rant and Screen Rant I worked at the head office for Winners and right across the street sat a strategically placed Tim Hortons.

The good people of our cubicle maze traveled to the “Always Fresh” haven multiple times daily. It was as much a break from work as it was a burden to our wallets but truth be told, if there were a Tim Hortons beside my office (my home), I’d go there all the time.

I go there when I wake up too early or when I’m driving home from practically anywhere in the evenings. Is that a horrible thing for my health? According to the Tim Hortons website:

Tim Hortons coffee is a premium blend of 100% Arabica coffee beans, with absolutely no additives. The “Always Fresh” policy of brewing fresh coffee every 20 minutes guarantees our guests coffee with the best flavor and aroma possible.

That’s what it reads under “Nutritional Information.” If I have two sugars and two milks in each and every coffee, it can’t beĀ that bad can it? At least I don’t have cream anymore.

Written by Rob Keyes

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