5 Awesome TV Shows I’m Currently Watching

I spent part of the week catching up on the current season of The Walking Dead and watched the midseason finale yesterday which concluded with a 3-episode arc all about the Governor. It was good, but the show still doesn’t rank among the top five I’m currently watching or planning to quickly catch up on.

For anyone looking for some solid TV programming, from long-running series to brand new on the air, here are five that I’d recommend:

  1. Almost Human – Karl Urban on TV? Michael Ealy as a handsome and witty robot cop? The future-set series looks so good you’ll be surprised it’s on Fox. The episodes so far are of the standalone problem-of-the-week variety but I expect it’ll get getting more serialized by focusing on a major overarching story story.
  2. Elementary – Began watching the first season on DVD and fell in love. It’s one of the best shows on TV that many of my friends and co-writers on Screen Rant don’t even pay attention to.
  3. Sons of Anarchy – Almost caught up and we’re at the end of season 6, this show about a motorcycle club caught up in 10 kinds of bad is one of the first examples of what a talented ensemble cast can do, mixed in with brotherly love.
  4. Supernatural – Somehow the new creative minds behind the continued adventures of Dean and Sam Winchester have managed to keep the show fun and awesome, and the current season is definitely worth watching.
  5. The Blacklist – Few actors can steal a scene and control the vibe in room like James Spader so it’s not surprising he was a hit on The Office or cast as the big bad villain in The Avengers sequel. The Blacklist only works because of Spader but he makes it work very, very well. I’m a few episodes behind but plan to catch up soon.
Written by Rob Keyes