My Thoughts on Destiny

What might be the biggest new game of the year, even bigger than Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs, is finally here. And it’s an unusual one.

Destiny released on Tuesday and it wasn’t until today when we started seeing reviews from the major online publications debut. Why? Developer Bungie and published Activision wanted critics to experience the full, proper game and that means joining in the online community with hundreds of thousands of others.

Understandably, the reviews and feedback coming in now is all mixed. While¬†Destiny is gorgeous and plays well as a shooter, it’s devoid of any story and is lacking in content, failing to be a great story-driven shooter and failing to be a worthy MMO – a label Bungie doesn’t necessarily want.

As a product, Destiny is missing the fundamentals for launching a new game. There are no tutorials and its systems and progression isn’t explained. If you’re not a veteran shooter player/gamer, this game is confusing. If you loved what Halo brought to living rooms as a game to play with your sibling or friends, Destiny also fails to deliver. You literally cannot have a friend over to play this game and you cannot host a LAN party. It’s online only, but entirely by yourself. Fail.

Read my detailed review (first impression, really) on Game Rant from my first playthrough and look for more as I jump into the beginnings of the end game content and the competitive multiplayer.

Update: My full review of Destiny is online – check it out here!

Written by Rob Keyes