Where I Traveled in 2015

Cleaning office and closet, and going through countless documents and receipts, I had forgotten just how crazy and busy 2015 really was. From our main website being acquired, to my personal website being ripped from me, at least my career afforded me the chance to see cool places and meet cool people. Here’s where I went in 2015…

  1. Montreal, Quebec – many times since our new head office is there as of February 2015.
  2. Vancouver – once for visiting the set of Deadpool in the summer and again in December for the MechWarrior Online Steam launch party. And of course, in July I spent three weeks road-tripping all of BC, from the entirety of Vancouver island to Whistler, and everything in between this beautiful place and Calgary for my wife and I’s wedding/Honeymoon trip.
  3. San Francisco – I had been here two or three times in years past for Ubisoft video game day trips but this was my first time visiting Lucasfilm/Industrial Light & Magic, where actual movie magic happens. I was invited here for an edit bay visit for Marvel’s Ant-Man where we chatted with the producer and director and watched a few clips from the movie. I also bought a Star Wars Rebels jacket in the official Lucasfilm gift shop because I had to.
  4. Force Friday – Went downtown Toronto before Fan Expo opened to be a part of the worldwide livestream event unveiling Star Wars toys before they went on sale.
  5. Atlanta – Just before heading to San Fran for Edit Bay visit, I went to Atlanta to visit Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War at Pinewood Studios – the same location I was at for Ant-Man the year prior.
  6. New York – went to second New York Comic-Con ever, my first since 2010 I believe. Got to go to the Hasbro and Samsung/Hunger Games parties, among others. The hotel was awful and full of mold though, further proving that the Javits Center is in a bad location for attendees in need of accomodations.
Written by Rob Keyes