2016 Movies That Deserve More Attention

2016 was a year where many box office records were set, but also a year where many franchises died or disappointed. Looking at you, Alice and Wonderland sequel, Suicide Squad, and Assassin’s creed.

Thanks to Netflix and home video options, the movies that once could make a decent run in theaters in the ’90s, have a home, but deserve more attention. Here are some I’d rather have seen in theaters over what I actually did see in theaters in 2016.

  • Snowden – Weird voice by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, but strong message and exciting thriller.
  • Criminal – Goofy but badass with a great cast. Deserves sequel.
  • The Accountant – Great action and cool ideas, hurt only by overly convenient plot that has too many holes. Deserves sequel.
  • Marauders – Buddy from Entourage (Adrien Grenier) and Christopher Meloni in super B level movie, but Meloni is legendary and the main three characters get cool backstories to the point where I’d see another straight-to-vid sequel.
Written by Rob Keyes