We Adopted A Puppy!

Last week we adopted a 5-month old puppy named Brodee. He came from a couple who also owned his very-different-looking brother, Finley, and after meeting him twice and walking him in the park, he proved to be the perfect fit for us.

Brodee’s listed as an “Aussie Shepard Mix” and the previous owners told us he’s part Border Collie, but looking at his curvy tail, there’s definitely some other breed(s) in there too.

Ever Been To A Scale Model Air Show?

Ana and I went to the Waterloo Air Show again earlier this summer and had a blast. It was a second time going and seeing a powerful military jet fighter (not to mention the Snowbirds) seemingly defying the laws of physics never gets old. Keeping with the theme, today I went to my first model airshow .


Oculus Rift DK2: My Doorway Into The Matrix

For those who know me and enjoy video games and tech, you’ve probably heard me talk about how the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset blew me away at E3 2012 when I tested it briefly with the space sim EVE-VR (now known as EVE: Valkyrie).


Motorcyclist Rear-Ends Car And Lands on Roof

The video blew that it YouTube a few days ago blew my mind. It seems like something out of a Jackass movie.

A man speeding down a highway on his motorcycle uncontrollably, rear-ends a car, seemingly obliterating the machine but he makes it out alive. Somehow, he flipped and landed on his feet on the roof of the vehicle. The car slowed down (I wonder what the driver is thinking) to let him off safely. Insane.

Long Weekend Video Game Recording Session

After spending the entire day yesterday at the St. Jacob’s Farmer Market, Antiques store and Costco, then napping and cooking dinner before finishing The Originals, I dedicated today (Sunday) of the May long weekend (for Canada anyway) to catching up in some games.