Assassin’s Creed Action Figures By McFarlane

Friends and family will know that I’m a bit of a collector and when finishing University I discovered the wonders (addictive properties?) of eBay, an online tool I used to complete collections I started years earlier as a kid.

Much of this collection is comprised of Toybiz’s epic 6″ Marvel Legends line, super detailed, true-to-source adaptations of any and all Marvel Comics characters. Toybiz also had other figures, including amazing ones from the Lord of the Rings film trilogy that were equally as good.

Then something happened and Hasbro took over the 6″ figure duties, turning to cheap, colored plastic, without the painted details. They even upped the price, before shrinking to crappier 3.5″ figures and raising prices again. They suck. It sucks. It was over.

Now McFarlane is boosting its toy game and signed with Ubisoft to develop a line of Assassin’s Creed figures based on last year’s ACIII and this year’s Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag releases and I was lucky enough to get my hands on the entire Series I of the collection.

They’re 6″ and have the same detail, cool accessories and awesome coloring as the Toybiz figures I used to love so much. Thank you Todd McFarlane.

Written by Rob Keyes