Fast & Furious Forever

Fast & Furious Forever

Re-watched Fast & Furious 6 on the flight from New York to London and while most of the intro segments for each of the returning characters were held down with some of the worst writing of the year, it’s still enjoyable.

Even the final set piece was horribly planned out and logistically implausible, but the family-comes-first theme shines through and I’m as excited as ever for Fast 7, especially with the high profile casting additions and return of Tokyo Drift’s Lucas Black.

Loved Fast Five, didn’t love the next one, but a new director in James Wan takes over for the seventh installment currently shooting, and Ludacris tossed up the following video to give fans a brief look at some of the Fast & Furious 7 cars.

Set life! #fast7

Written by Rob Keyes