Ever Been To A Scale Model Air Show?

Ana and I went to the Waterloo Air Show again earlier this summer and had a blast. It was a second time going and seeing a powerful military jet fighter (not to mention the Snowbirds) seemingly defying the laws of physics never gets old. Keeping with the theme, today I went to my first model airshow .

My pal Lyle was going with a few other people and he had told me about it the last two years he went so I thought I’d give it a shot since Ana was out with a friend. It was in St. Jacobs, KW Flying Dutchmen,¬†where I went earlier this summer for their famous farmer’s market and antiques store.

It was cool and definitely a place I’d recommend parents take their kids. Admission is only $7 and food is very reasonably priced. They have model planes flying all day with a main event airshow beginning at 1pm. We only stuck around a few hours but at night they do a night air event and fireworks.

I was shocked to see jet-powered model airplanes so big. When those are in the air, sometimes you can’t tell that it’s not really a real jet fighter with a pilot in it. There are all sorts of plans and they even do one event with a dozen “strikers” which are light foam planes that try to knock each other out. They also have a “candy dropper” plane that drops you know what for an army of kids. Again, great place for kids.

The most impressive act is the Canadian champion and world-class model helicopter pilot who can put on an amazing show with a little chopper that can fly upside down and can change direction at the blink of an eye.

I’ll probably go again but next time I’m bringing boots. Mud everywhere. Also, stop at the antiques market on the way home. I picked up some retro comics from the ’70s there.

Written by Rob Keyes