• February 19, 2014
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Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer

Instead of airing during the Super Bowl, Disney took to ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live to debut the first full trailer for their riskiest project yet, Guardians of the Galaxy. For the geeks, comic readers and internet savvy, where it airs means nothing. It only matters that it’s finally here!

Ever since rumors of GOTG being a real potential candidate for a Marvel Studios film adaptation I’ve been excited. Nowdays, movie buffs will pretend to know all about Guardians but truth be told, I only know one person in real-life whose read Annihilation and Annihilation: Conquest before this year. These books led into the 2008 reboot of the series and it’s these books that serve as inspiration for the film according to writer and director James Gunn.

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Written by Rob Keyes

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