New York PlayStation 4 Launch Festivities!

Traveled to New York this morning for the Sony PlayStation 4 launch event and while it took four hours to get my room at the Dream Downtown hotel, I did manage to get an hour of sleep, only to be awakened by a man knocking on the door because my wake up calls and alarms didn’t wake me.

That’s what I get for not sleepingĀ at all the night before flying. Many of us had nothing on schedule today with our appointments for private PS4 demos occurring tomorrow, but there was a launch party forĀ Killzone: Shadow Fall, one of the flagship launch titles for the console. There were free drinks and food at the event and 18 playable stations all connected for multiplayer.

Killzone Shadow Fall Wallpaper

Tomorrow evening there’s another party hosted by Electronic Arts and the morning after the remaining group of us fly back then begin our work reviewing the console and available launch games.

The PlayStation 4 launches this Friday, November 15, 2013. Stay tuned for reviews on Game Rant!

Written by Rob Keyes